The tractorpool magazine

The tractorpool magazine is published as an eye-catching series of advertisements in profi, the leading magazine for agricultural machinery. With an additional advert in this supplement you reach more than 80,000 profi-readers -in addition to the 2,300,000 visitors / month (IVW-certified) to the traktorpool web platform.

Traktorpool Magazin aktuelle Ausgabe


The traktorpool magazine contains used machinery that you book via tractorpool.

At the respective advertisement deadlines for tractorpool magazines these adverts are filtered from the website and booked into the tractorpool magazine (publication is subject to there being sufficient space on the selected tractorpool magazine). The printed adverts are 44 x 42mm and in full colour.

In addition we release corresponding trade fair magazines for all important European trade fairs that we exhibit at. Advertise your used machinery right now and improve your prospects on the used machinery market!

If you need further information, please send an email to:





tractorpool magazine UK -
published once a month in profi international
    tractorpool magazine PL -
published once a month in top agrar polska

tractorpool magazine Austria -
published once a month in top Austria journal
    tractorpool magazine Landfreund published once a month in Suisse agricultural magazine Landfreund    



Archive of the latest German magazines

tractorpool magazine
8 / 2014
    tractorpool magazine
6 / 2014
    tractorpool magazine
4 / 2014

tractorpool magazine
3 / 2014
    tractorpool magazine
2 / 2014
    tractorpool magazine
12 / 2013
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