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Services for general users

Sell your farm machine through tractorpool. It's easy and simple.

Our services:

  • Advertise one machine and upload up to 20 photos
  • Your machine is automatically advertised in 24 languages (except free text entries)
  • Publish your advert for 28 days and extend the period as necessary
  • The advertisement is instantly published on the Internet
  • Place your advert in just five easy steps. There is no easier way of selling!


Single advertisement EUR 9,90*
Extending the advert by another 28 days EUR 8,90*
'Top Advert' promotional option EUR 10.00*
'Highlighted Advert' promotional option EUR 6,90*
*incl. 19 % VAT.

For further questions, please contact

Ursula Siuts
Customer / dealer support
Telephone: +49 2501 801-297

Benedikt Thier
Dealer support
Telephone: +49 2501 801-291

Services available to agriVIPs

Are you a dealer or manufacturer of farm machinery or construction machinery? Then we invite you to test tractorpool as an agriVIP free of charge for one month.

As an AgriVip you can benefit from the following services free of charge during the test period:

  1. Advertise an unlimited number of machines
  2. Enjoy an exclusive access as an agriVIP
  3. Upload up to 20 photos for each machine
  4. Set up your own dealer web site that features an individual design and your company logo www.traktorpool.de/händler or set up a machine inventory site and link it up to your company's existing web site
  5. Benefit from our customer support and have the new site linked up to your data warehousing system
  6. Use the Price Search function to find the optimum price for your used machinery
  7. Your machine is automatically advertised in 24 languages (except free text entries)
  8. Get entered into our dealer directory
  9. Receive a daily e-mail digest, which contains all recent enquiries
  10. Advertise a machine as “Machine of the Day“ for high-profiled promotion

The following service applies to a maximum of three machines during the free test period:

  1. The machine is highlighted in the search result

Further (optional) services:

  1. tractorpool magazine (advertise your machine in the hard-copy magazine from any country)
  2. View and participate for a reduced fee in tractor assessments by profi magazine
  3. Benefit from a separate customer magazine
  4. Further options are available upon request

For further questions don't hesitate to contact

Ursula Siuts
Customer / dealer support
Telephone: +49 2501 801-297
At the desk: Mon - Fri 8:00 – 13:00 hrs

Ludwig Lödding
Dealer support
Telephone: +49 2501 801-291
At the desk: Mon - Thu 8:30 – 16:00 hrs


Our services:
AgriVip membersGeneral users
Choice of different machine inventory quotas Advertise a single machine
Upload up to 20 images per machine Upload up to 20 images per machine
Price searching function Price searching function
Advert publication in 24 languages (excluding free text) 24 languages (except free text)
tractorpool magazine traktorpool magazine
profi tractor assessment (special rate) profi tractor assessment
Link your tractorpool inventory site to your company web site
Set up your own dealer web site (www.traktorpool.de/händler)
E-mail digest
Machine of the Day feature
Get listed in the dealer directory
Link up to traktorpool interface
Customer magazine
Your machine is highlighted in search results *
* free of charge during test period
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